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Flavor Systems 

Mix in and/or infuse flavors that create... Electro Freeze offers the ultimate solution to increasing your profits without huge investments in equipment.

Mix in cookies, candies, fruits with your soft-serve ice cream or yogurt with the original flavor blender… The Arctic Swirl®.

Let your customers fuse their flavors with our newest offering the Fuzionate flavoring system.  This pressurized, 9 flavor soft serve machine delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint. By fully incorporating the flavor in every bite of soft serve, this freezer produces the highest quality, most consistent and profitable product you can serve. Simply press a button to select flavors!   Great for co-branding concepts as well as college cafeterias, buffets and adding additional flavors to any shops.

Electro Freeze HDM-75 - Artic Swirl Blender
Electro Freeze 44RMTFB Fuzionate
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